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Below is a photo of the Glow Driver v2.  The driver comes fully assembled, the only remaining work is to solder in your lead wires for the glow plugs and power.  The glow plug wires are soldered into the 4 holes marked GP and the power is wired into the GND and +12V.  After one minute of run time the glow driver will cut the power in half.  This will help with low RPM engines that may still need power applied to the glow plugs to keep the engine running.

The Glow Driver v2 now uses MOSFETS that can switch up 74 amps continuous power and run cooler.  Heat sinks are not required.

There are two settings normal and high.  The high increases the output around 10% and can be used if you have extra long lead wires to the glow plugs.  Normal is a jumper between 1 and 1.  High can be set with a jumper between the pins on 1 and 2.

A good source for a 12V power supply with enough power is old computer power supplies.

NOTE:  This Glow Driver v2 was not designed by a licensed engineer nor was it tested by any independent agencies.  By purchasing this glow driver you agree that you assume all risk and liability of using the Glow Driver v2.

Glow Plug Driver

For Model Engines

Pat. # 7,331,324