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Q. You stated that the engine runs at 5,000 RPM. Most engines run at around 10,000 RPM. Why does the HEX-2 run slower?

A. Update - the engine now runs at 9,400RPM. I changed some dimensions in the venturi and crankshaft and opened it up some.


Q. Do you plan on building a V engine such as a V-4?

A. Yes - with time. Im currently working on the in-line 4 - the HEX-4. Once that design is complete, I will start on the v design. I have an idea of how I want to set up the crankshaft but it will take some serious testing and prototyping. It may work on paper but building it is a different story. .


Q. What did you use for the crankshaft pins and how are they attached to the crankshaft?

A. I used 3/32 dowel pins. In a pinch you can break off the round ends of 3/32 drill bits. The pins are not held in place by anything. They will not fall out of the holes once the engine is assembled. You also want a loose fit for the pins - use the drill size specified in the drawings. If the holes for the pins are tight and the hole placement in the crankshaft pieces are not exact then the crankshaft pieces will not align in the crankcase and therefore not turn. This probably makes no sense unless you have seen the plans. If you use a softer metal, the pins will work, however, they will wear out fast.